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JAV: I started laughing and I cleaned myself off I said you liked me Ichiro han you like my tight pussy didn't you he smiled and said Hai sayuri San you felt so experienced it felt like you were sucking me in your pussy I loved it and I love you sayuri Well Ichiro San it's my job to please people it's the sweetest thing to do Yes sayuri San thank you so much your breast were big and beautiful and tasty they look like cream yellow Cake and they were sweet and soft and your ass was so very round ripe and big I know Ichiro Please don't tell My girlfriend about this sayuri I won't Ichiro San so long as you don't tell (we both leave the room) (next morning first day of summer) Ah good morning everybody I say from my room I was naked underneath the sheets since it was hot last night I walked into the kitchen suprised to see my mom wasn't there and breakfast wasn't cooked I Cook breakfast and left the room an went into my room I lay infront of my mirror and touch my breast they were so soft and silky I touched my pussy with the other hand I felt my curly jet black pubic hair I took two fingers and proceeded to finger myself I fel nice that morning I got out my sex machine I opened my legs wide and inserted the penis inside me I turned it on amd it went slow that was fine it felt real nice an I started to make my own lube then it went faster and faster I had my legs tied and my arms tied I couldnt get out it went so fast and so good I squirted all over the end of my bed and a little on the floor I felt good I went into the living room naked and there I saw no one I sat down and enjoyed the rest of my day I got dressed and went to sweets paradise there me and senpai seen each other my nipples turned hard I think senpai is absolutely hot o kinda drooled on the cake while looking at it and I sucked on the straw berry on the top of my cake senai sat at my table and chatted with me a piece of my frosting fell on my breast I ask care to to the honors senpai staggered back wha-wha-wha but sayuri San it's on your-your breast I know senpai its ok just wipe it with your finger and lick it senpai was nervous and shocked I pretended to drop my chopsticks I seen senpais hot dick erect and pertruding from his pants I came up and senpai reached his hand out and wiped his thumb across my breast to get the cream off he licked it off and said what cake is that sayuri strawberry shortcake It taste so good I know right we should catch up more meet me here on Friday senpai Ok sayuri I love you senpai have a good night dream well You too sayuri The next morning second day of summer) I woke up an went to look for a job I signed up and sent in an application to work in the mall I dressed really professional but I still squeeze in a little 34 D show as they bounced along the way To my location when I went for the interview I seen that the person who was Interviewing me was playing hard to get so I said I see how I'll have to play this game theres only one way to get what i want isn't there I said knowing exactly what to do and what i meant To be continued Beautiful Girl [QUOTE=Yuurara;5217267]Introduction: Hi I'm Sayuri only 16 years old a sweet ripe Asian and it may not seem like I should know but I love to Fuck! Wake up this morning in the greatest of moods i get out of my night clothes with my sexy 34 D's jumping every where I throw on a tight shirt and my miniskirt and put my shin high pearly white socks on I put on my school shoes and rush through the door I tied my hear up into a erupted volcano look my hear was black and silky down to my ass and I walk to school feeling good last night was one of the best nights an Asian could have. It was cold out and my nipples were hard And I was excited I went into class and sat down I love my senpai he was absolutely sexy everything about him screamed attractive and since there were always so much girls in his class he was always erect my senpais name was Oishinu as I stare to the front trying to kiss up to senpai like a sweet heart my Classmate was eyeing me and he passed me a note which I found so childish he wrote meet me after class in hiragana senpai san was teaching still he didn't see I became curious and impatient waiting for class to end today was the last day of school before summer and I couldn't wait

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